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Fitness quote
Fitness quote
Fitness quotes
Judy is about investing in her community, serving people, and partnering where she can.
Anne, Chairperson, Parkland Head Injury Assoc.
MetaFitness has welcoming participants and delivers a great variety of exercise classes. The instructors are enthusiastic, empathetic and encouraging, regardless of your age or fitness level. MetaFitness offers a precious smile that is inexpensive and yet priceless.
Kathryn, Spruce Grove

The Leaders In Meditation!

I really enjoy the meditation and the drumming. After living in a fog for so long my mind is now clear and I'm so much more focused on establishing a better life. I never thought I could quiet my mind from racing negative thoughts, but after a few classes it became easier and easier. Now I enjoy waking up to each new day and loving life! Thank you so much!
Barb, Parkland County

The Leaders In Small Group Training!

Offering Functional Aging Programs, Indoor Water Rowing, TRIBE Team Training, TribeFit, TribeLife, TribeCore, Gentle Relax n’ Renew Yoga, Mat Pilates, GRAVITY Strength Classes, Core Training, TRX, Mindful Movement, Personal Training, Weight Loss Programs, Body Composition Analysis, Wellness & Nutritional Coaching, Meditation, Reiki, Energy Work, Color and Sound Healing, Tuning Forks, Massage Therapy, Drumming Circles, Wellness Workshops and Much More. Our Wellness Store carries a variety of wellness, fitness and meditation supplies. Check out all we have to offer as we help bring overall WELLNESS into your life.

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We Are Leaders In Active Aging

Specialists in 40+, Beginners, Boomers and Beyond!

We Are Your Functional Aging Specialists!

Together we have spent years gathering functional fitness
knowledge and experience.

It’s time to share our passion by helping you have the best years of your life

We Know Your Needs - We Know Your Struggles - We Know How To Help

You Can’t Train Like You Are 25!
You Want To Feel Safe
You Want To Have Fun
You Want To Be The Best You Can Be Regardless of What Life Has Thrown At You

We Know What It Takes

You Have Years Of Life Ahead of You - Let Us Help You Maximize Them

Contact Us And Let Us Show You The Way

Why Choose MetaFitness? 

We are the area leaders in Meditation, Small Group Training and NOW Active, Functional Aging. Our innovative Fitness & Wellness Centre was the first to bring Small Group Fitness Classes and Indoor Water Rowing to the Tri-area and we remain the leaders in small group training. We are now YOUR ONLY LOCAL FUNCTIONAL AGING studio! Yes, we were also the first to bring TRIBE Team Training to Alberta all the way from New Zealand! It’s small group Personal Training run in 6 week sessions of either TribeFit (bootcamp) - TribeLife (low impact functional strength) - TribeCore (all about the core). We help you achieve your goals! We are also the first to combine exercise, yoga and pilates options along with massage, energy work and meditation all in one facility. Why? Because we want to offer you a balanced wellness program. We offer programs to suit anyone from beginners to athletes; from teenagers to 40, 50, 60 and beyond. We are the first to bring Ageless Grace, an innovative brain based fitness class, to Alberta! We have a caring, non-judgmental atmosphere combined with personal service and professional instruction. We use up-to-date training methods and the newest, most innovative equipment to supply well rounded and safe training all the way from post rehab to weight loss and from active aging to sport specific training. Whether attending classes, utilizing personal training, enjoying a massage or participating in a drumming circle, you can be sure of receiving results driven and goal oriented programs along with friendly and personalized customer service. At MetaFitness & Wellness Centre we respect that everyone is an individual, with different fitness goals, unique situations and specific needs and we work closely with you to help you achieve the results you desire in the time you have to spend at our facility.
We are professionals!
We care about your wellness experience!

Serving The Areas Of:

Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and Parkland County, Alberta, Canada at: 46 Boulder Blvd., Stony Plain, Alberta T7Z 1V7

Wellness Options for Body, Mind & Spirit

Our mission is to provide balanced, caring and goal oriented training and support that respects individual differences, age and abilities and integrates wellness in body, mind and spirit. Physical fitness is balanced with other wellness modalities - meditation, mindfulness, yoga, pilates, drumming circles, stretching, rolling, stress reduction techniques, Reiki, energy work, crystals, tuning forks, singing bowls, color and sound healing, essential oils, massage and many other mind/body offerings. If we can find strength, balance, harmony and peace within ourselves we can more easily integrate this into our lives and uplift the entire world. Working together with genuine caring we can all reach our highest potential and raise the positivity in the world.

Check Out Our Popular Essential Oil Blends and Diffusers. Our high quality oil blends are locally made for all your aromatherapy needs. You won’t believe our prices on well known, popular blends and we offer complete refunds or exchanges if you aren’t completely satisfied. We custom make blends too!

Our Wellness Store carries the largest selection of meditation supplies in the Tri-area.
We also have a complete line of wellness products from crystals to massage tools and rollers to conscious jewelry.
We carry a variety of fitness products including mats, bands, suspension straps and so much more.
Our Health Wise Low Carb/High Protein snacks and meals are a sure way to give you added nutrition at reasonable costs.
Need a therapeutic massage or cupping? Book your appointment today with our registered massage therapist.