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Weight Loss Wellness Program & HealthWise Foods

The weight loss wellness class is a 12 week program of learning, sharing and motivation for your weight loss goal.  The program consists of 12, 30 minutes meeting, a once a week weight loss wellness fitness class, beginning and ending weight and measurements along with weekly guidance, recipes and tracking with a food and exercise diary. If you lose 10% of your bodyweight or no more than 24 lbs. in the 12 weeks and have met the attendance criteria, then you will earn yourself $150 in FREE fitness classes. Once in the program, you may purchase high protein, low carb HealthWise foods at a discount. The weight loss wellness class may also be attended by anyone not in the program. The class will help to strengthen and tone muscles so that you lose bodyfat and not muscle, keeping you healthy and fit.  HealthWise foods are available for anyone wanting to support their nutritional and lifestyle choices while on the go or as part of healthy nutritional choices.