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Fitness Classes & Functional Aging Classes

We offer many types of small group fitness classes where we combine strength, cardio, balance, mobility and flexibility. We use indoor water rowers, treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and an incline trainer to reach our cardio goals either in steady state, HIIT or circuits. We use GRAVITY strength training on the Total Gyms and functional movements on our state-of -the-art VECTRA 2 stack functional trainer. Your strength training has never been this smooth and comfortable and USEFUL! We use Vicore benches to challenge our stability along with many balance tools including balance boards, bosu, activmotion bars, ViPrs, body blades, Surge and much more. You will find yourself using and loving dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, pull sled, TRX, medicine balls, sandbags, battling ropes, stability balls and numerous fun and functional tools too numerous to mention. You will never get bored!

There is a fitness class for everyone from beginners to boomers and beyond. We have your active ageing needs covered! We know age is just a number and we know how to train you for the game of life with your individual needs in mind. Our functional aging specialists, older adult instructors and personal trainers have designed classes and programs to meet the needs of everyone including those just starting out and those looking for post-rehab. Let us help you keep doing what you love – for as long as you want. There is a better way! You won’t believe how successful you can be!