Judy Cooper

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Certified Personal Trainer; AFLCA Assistant Trainer of Trainers in Older Adult, Portable Equipment, Choreography & Mind/Body; Stott Pilates; YogaFit; Restorative Yoga; Tribe Team Training in Life, Core & Fit; Gravity Trainer; CanFitPro and AFLCA Fitness Instructor; ViPr Trainer; CanFitPro Nutrition & Wellness Specialist; CanFitPro Older Adult; Certified Functional Aging Specialist; Functional Aging for Older Adults; Ageless Grace; Meditation Teacher; Lifestyle Coach; Reiki Master & Teacher; Pranic Healing; Arhatic Yoga; Colour & Sound Therapy; Energy Medicine; Quantum Touch; Drum Circle Facilitator 

I have been involved in the fitness industry in Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and Parkland County for over 28 years. During this time I have acquired extensive experience and education in many areas of fitness and wellness, including dance, gerontology, corrective exercise, functional aging and more.

My desire to understand and share wellness “beyond the physical” has taken me on an exciting journey to the fascinating world of energy work and beyond to mindfulness and deep meditation.

I believe that wellness is achieved when the body, mind and spirit are balanced and aligned. I care about each client’s fitness and wellness experience and support their individual journey as they reach beyond their present reality to discover the amazing potential that lies within them.

My goal is to provide MetaFitness clients with an individualized, integrated and balanced approach to fitness and wellness with superior customer service and up to date training methods. We have a welcoming, accepting and non-judgmental environment while treating everyone with the genuine respect, kindness and caring they deserve. At MetaFitness everyone matters!

I am often asked what MetaFitness means. I chose the word “Meta” because it means going beyond, reaching a higher level, becoming more developed, transcending the present reality, as well as a transformation and a change. On a more subtle level, I wanted to use a version of the word “Metta” to silently convey my philosophy of life. “Metta” is from the language of the earliest Buddhists and is synonymous with unselfish, pure loving kindness and universal love. The basis of Metta is choosing to interact in ways that promote kindness and patience, peacefulness and happiness, empathy and understanding where actions rise above social, economic, racial, political and physical barriers.

My favourite hobby is studying fitness and health! I enjoy gardening on a “large” scale; garden design; food preserving; snowshoeing, hiking and dancing with my husband; reading; spiritual pursuits and continual learning. Nothing brings me more happiness than spending time with my beautiful grand-daughter and sharing in my four children’s lives and supporting them on their own exciting journeys.