Gravity, Strength n' Row - SG

Instructors: Geneva Hamilton, Cherise Thievin

In this class you will use the indoor water rowers and other types of cardio equipment as your instructor encourages you through time, speed, power, and distance while utilizing synchronization, sprints and intervals all performed at your own individual pace. You will then perform various GRAVITY strength and other strength and core exercises on the Total Gyms and other equipment. The Total Gym allows us to change exercises and resistance levels quickly and easily so that everyone works individually at their own pace….Group workouts with individual results! Enjoy an exciting and ever-changing workout to keep your body guessing about what’s coming next, delivering more results in less time, and all the while working functionally….as the body was meant to move in everyday life. All fitness levels welcome.

Gravity, Strength n' Cardio - SG

Instructors: This class is coming soon!

Choose your cardio! Use a water rower,  an incline trainer, bike, treadmill or elliptical. This class combines two short intervals of cardiovascular training with a strength component. During the cardio component, we will be working within the five cardiovascular (heart rate) training zones. Since each person is working in their own identified heart rate zones, it is a fitness class for everyone. If this isn’t exciting enough, we will also be mixing up the class with a strength component using various types of small equipment and GRAVITY Strength on the Total Gyms. This is a fast-paced class that has you asking where the time went! Get your cardio and your strength in one total body class! No experience needed.

Cardio n' Strength - SG

Instructors: Angie Melnyk & Tara Gaspe

This class will mix things up! Be prepared to shake up your world by calling on all your muscles for strength, endurance, core and balance. This workout demands more from you and delivers more results! We will explore various ways to train using our unique and varied small and large equipment, including the Vectra Functional Trainer, medicine ball rebounder, body blades, body bars, ViPR’s and more.  The GRAVITY portion will focus on specific muscle groups including the core. Get ready to work on functional strength in many movement planes, heat up with core work, and find your groove during the flexibility portion. We may even do some rolling and releasing! No experience necessary. Everyone is welcome to come and have fun with us while we play with various types of innovative equipment!

Strength n' Stretch - R

Instructor: Judy Cooper

This class is all about total body integration to gain strength and flexibility while using functional movements in all planes and positions. All  movement starts with the core, so if you want better balance, more control, ease of movement, integrated strength and endurance, then this class is for you! Tone up that mid-section, strengthen the lower back, find more mobility and flexibility and even stretch and roll those tight spots. We will engage our entire core with fun moves using unique equipment in various body positions and planes of movement. Total body integration exercises and isolated movements will be combined to give a total body workout that ensures every movement works the core. We will call on pure core to balance, stabilize and move us. We will end with a mobility stretching sequence to keep us limber and flexible for all of our everyday and recreational activities. All levels welcome. No experience necessary.

Mat Pilates - R

Instructor: Judy Cooper

Feel the whole body synergy of this pure pilates, total body workout that concentrates on the core. The principles of Breathing, Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Flow and Balance are built into every move. We incorporate resistance bands, weighted balls, stability balls, gliding discs, fitness circles and various sizes of small stability balls. The training method of Select Stabilization is used to place our bodies in the most efficient bio-mechanical position for optimal results while reducing stress on joints. The small stability balls gives a workout that is up to 408% more effective than ordinary crunches. This means you achieve results much faster than with traditional ab workouts! This is a total body workout with every move engaging the core. All levels welcome. No shoes required. Please bring water.

Step It Up - R

Instructor: Judy Cooper

Do you miss step aerobics or have you always wanted to learn? We are waking up our steps and putting on the groove in this class. Turn step your way to fun and fitness! Step has become “IN” again and it’s no wonder. It is a great cardio workout done to fun and lively music. Come and learn the basics and soon you will find you are seamlessly putting it all together into the best dance fitness workout ever. We will include a strength component and end with stretching. This class is for everyone. No experience or specific fitness level needed.

Strong & Balanced Circuit - SG

Instructors: Lynn Wagner, Judy Cooper

Are you new to fitness, 45 and beyond, or just getting back into it? Then this class is for you. This is a functional aging circuit designed to keep you strong, flexible and mobile. As we age there is more to staying strong, healthy and fit than cardio and strength training. We want our bodies to move as safely, effectively and as pain free as possible. Over the course of our lives it’s likely that we will all experience some loss of strength, endurance and mobility. Whether you are healthy and want to prevent future problems or have a condition you are dealing with, this class will accommodate your needs. We will focus on functional movements, joint stability, range of motion, posture, balance and coordination.

Beginner Fit - SG

Instructor: Lynn Wagner

Do you think working out is something akin to going to the dentist? You don’t really want to do it, but you know you really should. Do you feel intimidated and uncoordinated? If you would like to start working out or if you are just getting back into it, join this fun and friendly class. There will be lots of modifications and choices to suit your body, your injuries and your pain free zone. This is a slower paced class that gets you going without straining your muscles or joints. The upbeat music and body conditioning moves will give you a healthy mixture of gentle cardio, functional strength, balance, core and stretching. You will feel so great when you are done you may be surprised it’s not like the dentist at all! No experience necessary. 

Beginner Circuit - SG

Instructor: Lynn Wagner

This class will slowly introduce you to various equipment and working out in a circuit. You will be moving from station to station with lots of guidance and help from your qualified Functional Aging Specialists. We will begin to work with dumbells, stability balls, balance pads, activmotion bars, bands and many more types of functional and fun equipment. There will be plenty of modifications and adjustments so that everyone is successful and working at their own pace. The components of cardio, strength, mobility, balance, posture and fall prevention are addressed. No matter what your fitness level this is the class for you. Beginners or those just starting back after time away from exercise are a perfect fit for this class. If you are ready to make activity and movement a part of your life, want to become healthier or are just looking for a place to start this class is for you. No experience needed.

Gentle Mindful Movement - R

Instructor: Judy Cooper

This calming mindful movement session combines pilates, yoga, elements of dance and QiGong to gently guide your body to move as a harmonious and synchronistic unit, where all movement is initiated from the core. Improve your function and flow, strengthen and integrate your deep muscular system and balance and relax your body, mind and spirit.  The workout will provide a combination of breath, fluid movements, strength, balance and deep core work to enhance flexibility and total body strength. Some Bellyfit may be introduced for flow, core and spice! The session includes standing movement patterns, floor sequences and a relaxing five minute meditative journey combined with a mudra, mantra or color to aid in the mind/body experience. This class will leave you feeling refreshed, re-focussed, and able to re-establish your intuitive movement and improve your daily activity and sleep patterns. No experience is necessary. Mini stability balls and weights may be used. Socks or bare feet are preferred.

Relax n' Renew Yoga - R

Instructor: Judy Cooper

Easy, gentle and relaxing poses combine with simple energizing poses to relax and refocus your mind and body after a busy week. Poses will be done both standing and on the mat. Every class will include a few restorative poses to bring a deep level of relaxation to the mind and the body. Meditation along with breath-work and other techniques help trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for balancing the body and bringing its response system back into balance. Holding onto stresses of daily life not only creates tension in the physical body, but also negatively affects our energy body. Experience the free flow of prana, or life force energy, as you take time to peacefully relax and de-stress. Each class is different and may include singing bowls, mudras, chakra chimes and essential oils. Leave the cares and stresses of the week behind and leave ready to enjoy a weekend full of peace and calm.

Gentle Yoga & Ageless Grace Brain & Body Exercise - SG

Instructor: Judy Cooper

We will begin with some easy, gentle yoga either in a chair on the mat. The choice is yours. Then we will add in Ageless Grace, which is a cutting-edge brain fitness program based on neuroplasticity that activates all 5 functions of the brain – analytical, strategic, kinesthetic learning, memory/recall, creativity and imagination – and simultaneously addresses all 21 physical skills needed for lifelong optimal function. These exercises are based on everyday movements and focus on the healthy longevity of the body and mind. The movements are designed to be performed seated in a chair, yet they can be done standing near or behind a chair. Almost anyone can do them, regardless of most physical conditions. Each of the tools focuses on different anti-aging techniques; joint mobility, spinal flexibility, right-left brain coordination, bone density, cognitive function, systemic stimulation, balance, fall prevention, confidence and playfulness. The program addresses the three “R’s”; the ability to Respond, React and Recover efficiently and safely allowing us to live with more comfort and ease. And best of all Ageless Grace is a whole of fun! This class is ideal for those with dementia, MS, Parkinsons, arthritis and other chronic conditions. No experience is necessary. Everyone welcome.

Back In Action - SG

Instructor: Cherise Thievin

Do you have a chronic illness, injury, disease or movement disorder that makes moving and exercising a challenge? Have you finished physio and now need a safe and professional environment to continue strengthening? Feel secure knowing our certified Personal Trainer is leading you through a program that is suitable for you while you continue to progress. We will work on range of motion, easy movement patterns, gentle strength and cardio, as well as mobility, balance and flexibility. You are encouraged to work at your own pace and rest as needed. Don’t let your circumstances define who you are. Join us in an accepting, friendly and professional environment where we care about your progress AND we have fun! The small group offers support and encouragement so everyone leaves successful and happy. No experience necessary.  Please register first, medical clearance may be required.

Meditation Made Easy - R

Instructor: Judy Cooper

This is a good opportunity to learn about yourself while experiencing a different meditation each week in a caring, accepting and nonjudgmental environment. There are many reasons to meditation from wanting a calm mind, stress reduction, lowered health risks, finding purpose, easier decision making, leading a more heart centred life, to focussing on goals and aspirations. Each person will find what they are searching for. All aspects of meditation will be discussed as well as answering questions and group discussions on topics of interest. We will explore different meditations and music so you can find what best suits your goals and brings you comfort and peace. Learn simple breathing techniques, self-healing methods, energizing and mindful practices. Learn how to manage thoughts, anxiety, fears, depression and more with mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques. Enjoy a peaceful, calming and yet uplifting experience with other like-minded people. Through music, singing bowls, chakra chimes, discussion, meditation and mindfulness techniques we will each find peace and harmony and a greater understanding of ourselves and our lives. Our techniques are science-based and lead by a certified meditation and mindfulness instructor. You can choose to sit in a chair or on a meditation mat with cushions. No experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome.

Weight Loss Wellness Class - SG

Instructor: Dallas Donaldson

You don’t have to be in the Weight Loss Wellness Program to come to the class. Anyone can attend. 

This class is a combination of strength and cardio exercises using the TRX, DB, Kettlebells, Bands and Bodyweight to get you toned and reduce muscle loss during or after weight loss. Suitable for anyone wanting to lose weight, maintain muscle and optimize their body fat reduction. Work at your own intensity. All levels are welcome. Modifications and alternatives will be given so everyone is successful.

Tribe Team Training

Instructors: Angie Melnyk, Lynn Wagner, Judy Cooper

Tribe Life – low impact functional strength

Tribe Core – all about the core

Tribe Fit – bootcamp

Tribe MegaMix – the best of Life/Core/Fit in one workout

Please visit our Tribe Team Training Page for more info and videos