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We offer small group fitness classes and personal training using indoor water rowers, treadmills, bikes, incline treadmill, ellipticals, GRAVITY Total Gyms, two weight stack functional trainer, TRX, pull sled, battling ropes, kettlebells, medicine ball rebounder, anchor point trainers, bosu balls, ViPr, DB's, body bars, activmotion bars, balance boards, bands and so much more. There are fitness classes for core, strength, stretching, cardio and balance. We specialize in functional ageing classes and personal training for beginners, boomers & beyond as well as post rehab, yoga and pilates.

Tribe Team Training workouts of Core, Life and Fit. Core is all about the midsection and torso training. Life is low impact functional exercise; strength for everyday life. Fit is bootcamp with a twist giving you competition, cardio and strength. Also, offering Tribe Mega Mix which is a combination of Core, Life and Fit and one of the best fitness programs.

We have numerous wellness services to keep you living your best life! Fitness wellness classes include yoga, mindful movement, special yoga events and a weight loss wellness program. We also offer therapeutic massage, energy sessions, chakra balancing, tuning fork sessions, meditation, mindfulness, drumming circles and workshops on various wellness topics. We sell our own high quality MetaWellness Essential oils and blends.


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Energy Work, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Drum Circles & Energy Yoga

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Therapeutic Massage & Cupping

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Fitness Plus Classes

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Yoga, Pilates, Mindful Movement & Brain Fitness

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Fitness Classes & Small Group Fitness Classes

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Active Aging Classes & Presentations

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Personal Training

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Meditation, Mindfulness & Wellness Classes


Barb, Parkland County

“I really enjoy the meditation and the drumming. After living in a fog for so long my mind is now clear and I’m so much more focused on establishing a better life. I never thought I could quiet my mind from racing negative thoughts, but after a few classes it became easier and easier. Now I enjoy waking up to each new day and loving life! Thank you so much!”

Anne, Chairperson, Parkland Head Injury Assoc.

“Judy is about investing in her community, serving people, and partnering where she can.”

Kathryn, Spruce Grove

“MetaFitness has welcoming participants and delivers a great variety of exercise classes. The instructors are enthusiastic, empathetic and encouraging, regardless of your age or fitness level. MetaFitness offers a precious smile that is inexpensive and yet priceless.”


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